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These are excerpts from a sort of article Sara wrote on You’ll find the link for the whole article there.

You can find Sara Assaf on Twitter

I am originally half Syrian and half Iraqi, but I am born and bred and proud to be Lebanese.


I am not really Sunni. I was just born Sunni. I am not even a “good” Muslim, whatever that means. I am what they label a “liberal Muslim.”

I believe in gender equality and civil marriage. I believe in complete separation of state and religion. I believe Lebanon should be a true civil country. I believe all Arab countries should be the same.

 I still vividly recall March 15, 2011 in Syria, the outbreak of the revolution against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. There were no rebels back then. Just protesters. There were no bombs and weapons. Just flags and graffiti. There were no gunmen: just Syrian civilians going to the streets and peacefully standing against a dictatorship.

Today, the relatively moderate Free Syrian Army is battling against Assad’s army, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and Hezbollah on one side, and against Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS, and other al-Qaeda factions on the other. How can anyone expect the FSA to fight alone on those two major fronts without any relevant external military support, and still win?

To the West I say: Expect a whole new breed of terrorists in the decades to come. Because of your inaction, and somewhat complicity, terrorism is blossoming inside Syria and the whole region. And it won’t remain “inside” for long.

Today, I’m not a terrorist… yet. But I can’t say the same about many others who don’t have the will, wisdom, or luxury to watch this surreal scene and not react.

The whole article can be read here:

You can find Sara Assaf on Twitter

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