The Art of Education


Teaching is more than just saying the words that make you understand the subject. It is to make you understand how things work and why. Only with that knowledge and understanding you will be able to be as good as your teacher.

Of course the idea is that you surpass them. Your aim is not only to be as good, it is to be better. Being as good should not be enough, that is only the start.

Know this: everyone can learn. Some are not so talented but still must learn and spread the knowlegde.

You must do your best, regardless of your skills and capabilities.

In its purest form, education has great value, yet it is often butchered by those who only think they are teachers.

In my opinion when you meet a teacher you will know instantly whether they are good or not. It is something that radiates from their behaviour or soul if you will.

That is only my opinion, might not even be true. You can only think about it. If you find it true, it means I did a good job realizing and explaining it.


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