A Miracle That Happens Every Day

 Dobogoko is at the pinnacle of the Visegrad Hills

Dobogókő is at the pinnacle of the Visegrád Hills

Where in the world can someone go to see a valley of sorrows, view a shivering cross and experience a natural heart chakra all in the space of less than an hour? Why Dobogókő of course!

This small village and resort area at the highest point in the Visegrád Hills – topping out at 699 meters (2,293 feet) – offers a multiplicity of unique visitor experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in Hungary or Europe for that matter

. Pretty remarkable for a place whose total population numbers is a grand total of 133.
For all of its otherworldly attractions, Dobogókő was first and foremost a home to nature tourism.

One of the first hilltop hostels in Hungary was built here during the late 19th century. The structure now houses the Museum of Rambling and Nature Tourism. Take a good hard look at some of the old photos inside.

Most noticeable is a lack of trees around the village a hundred years ago.Logging in and around the area had occurred here since Roman times. Today, Dobogókő is surrounded on all sides by thick forests.Views of this magnificent landscape can be had from a conveniently situated lookout tower.

 Hikers in front of the hostel at Dobogakko in 1919

Hikers in front of the hostel at Dobogókő in 1919

A tremendous vista opens up across the hills and down to the Danube. From here what is known as the Sorrow Valley is visible. From high above the name seems to be a misnomer if ever there was one.

The blossoming hills stretch out unimpeded to the horizon. It is also from this tower that the Shivering Cross rising above the Danube comes into view.

This was erected several centuries ago to invoke religious fervor in those plying the river.Moving away from the religious realm into the new age, consider that Dobogókő also offers visitors the opportunity to experience Europe’s natural heart chakra.

This was proclaimed by a Hungarian television report. In a place with this much spiritual awareness it only seems natural – or perhaps supernatural – to finish a visit with a hike down through the Ram Precipice.

This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but instead for those who are ready to test their faith. This is a half day hike through a gorge where at several points visitors cling to chains affixed to the rocks.

A just reward is reached at the village of Dömös, as visitor end up on the banks of the Danube. This is a fitting end to the journey. Looking ascross the river, the water, the distant hills and verdant forest all become one. Here is the spirit of nature, a miracle that happens every day.

 A hiker makes their way through the Ram Precipice

A hiker makes their way through the Ram Precipice

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