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Matraszentimre, Piszkesteto

A Whole New World Visitors to Hungary spend a lot of time looking up, especially in Budapest. There is the towering Neo-Gothicism of the Parliament building, the Castle District rising above the Buda, numerous monuments and buildings in a range of architectural styles cause endless rubbernecking. As impressive as these man made creations can be, […]

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Harkány is located in southern Hungary, 25 kilometres from Pécs at the foothills of the Villany Mountains. It is a famous spa town. The city’s name was first mentioned in 1323 as “Harkan”, was a land of royal courtiers. In 1397, according to the charters it was a property of the Byka clan. There were […]

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Ózd is located in North Hungary, in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. It was built in the Gömör-Heves Hill’s Valley. It is called the “City of Seven Hills” because you can approach it from seven directions. Ózd is the county’s second largest city. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The first written record dates from 1272. […]

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Gate to the East Záhony is in Hungary’s northeast corner in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. The town is located along the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. It is separated from Ukraine not only by the border but also by the Tisza River. It is the Eastern gate of the European Union, an important railway and transport hub, a border crossing […]

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In the 1950s a county planning commity has divided Hungary into 19 counties. Next to the capital, counties are the administrative territorial units of the country. East from the Danube there is the eastern part of the country called East-Hungary, Budapest and Pest County are not included in it. From all the regions of the […]

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Nowadays Abádszalók lies on the shore of Lake Tisza in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. It wasn’t always like this since the artificial lake of Tisza hadn’t always been around. Hungarians, searching for a new home, arriving to the area, decided to settle permanently. The town was born out of two small villages Tiszaabád and Tiszaszalók. Tiszaabád was […]

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Sarud lies on the shore of Lake Tisza in Heves County. The community’s name has been present in written documents since the era of King Béla the fourth. In 1888 flood uncovered the remaining is of a bronze age cemetery. In 1973, during the construction of the dam of River Laskó workers found an ancient […]

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It is Hungary’s biggest artificial lake through which the Tisza River flows. It is situated in two counties: Heves and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok. Regarding surface, it covers an area about 127 km˛ with an average 1.45 m depth. Its deepest point reaches 22 m below surface. It began its life with the name Kisköre water buffer aimed […]

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Zsóry -Fürdő

Healing Waters If there is one essential ingredient for life in this world it is water. The majority of the earth’s land mass is covered with water.Human beings are mainly made up of water, a person can go on a hunger strike for weeks on end, but going without water for more than a day […]

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