Nowadays Abádszalók lies on the shore of Lake Tisza in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. It wasn’t always like this since the artificial lake of Tisza hadn’t always been around.

Hungarians, searching for a new home, arriving to the area, decided to settle permanently.

The town was born out of two small villages Tiszaabád and Tiszaszalók.

Tiszaabád was the first came to existence in 1138 my name of Obab. Around 1251 Abád was a major crossing point at the River Tisza. It was destroyed by the Tatars, then in 1712 rebuilt by reformed Catholic families.

Szalók was the second one to be born into 1248. It was destroyed in the 17th century and was rebuilt in 1770 by reformed Catholic settlers.

Soon, in both of these communities Catholics became prominent and in 1896 they joined under the name of Abádszalók.

In recent years, it became a touristic centre of the lake Tisza. On its 14 km shore you can find a free beach next to the so-called Mecca of watersports with waterskiing, jet ski, water banana, bicycle and a giant slide.

Should you like nature, you can discover the water world of Lake Tisza for yourself or just sit down with a fishing rod.


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