In the 1950s a county planning commity has divided Hungary into 19 counties. Next to the capital, counties are the administrative territorial units of the country.

East from the Danube there is the eastern part of the country called East-Hungary, Budapest and Pest County are not included in it.

From all the regions of the country, East-Hungary includes the great plain and the Northern Mountain-Range.

Located in the area are the Hortobágy National Park and Bükk National Park.

Eastern Hungary includes nine counties that are grouped together in three statistical regions:
* Northern Hungary (Borsod – Cape, and Violent Nógrád )
* North Plains ( Bihar , Jasz – Manila , Szabolcs -Szatmár -Bereg counties)
* Southern Great Plain (Bacs -Kiskun , Csongrád , Békés counties)

From a tourism point of view, it is divided into four regions:
* Northern East-Hungary
* Northern Plains
* Lake Tisza
* Southern Plains

The biggest river of East-Hungary is the Tisza, being the longest that flows into the Danube. It floods twice a year (a so called ice-flood in spring and the early summer green flood).


The Tisza comes from the Kárpát Mountains and at Tiet (Serbia) it flows into the Danube. All rivers in East-Hungary flow into the Tisza.

The larger cities of the region are Eger, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Szeged, Salgótarján, Miskolc and Békéscsaba.

Still waters are Szelid Lake, Salt Lake of Nyíregyháza, White Lake of Szeged, Red Lake of Aggtelek and the artificial Lake of Tisza .

There are significant differences in economic development among the counties which, in addition to the different natural conditions, were greatly influenced by historical events. After the last revolution it experienced the greatest economic downturn. In this region, we cand find the lowest GDP per capita.

The population was greatly reduced. Unemployment is a constant problem due to the aging population. The further east we go through the villages, people’s lving standards lower.

On the Great Plain people mostly live on farms.


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