Harkány is located in southern Hungary, 25 kilometres from Pécs at the foothills of the Villany Mountains. It is a famous spa town.

The city’s name was first mentioned in 1323 as “Harkan”, was a land of royal courtiers.

In 1397, according to the charters it was a property of the Byka clan. There were two prominent members of the family, János Byka, who was a supporter of King Zsigmond and Nicholas Byka, who studied at the University of Krakow. The family died off with the fall of Szigetvár during the Turkish conquest in Europe.

Harkány, during the Turkish occupation, was still inhabited, people engaged in agriculture and viticulture.

After the Turkish withdrawal it became a property of the Batthyány family. The family dealt with animal husbandry and begun to drain the marsh that was between Gyűd and Harkány to gain grazing fields for their animals.

A peasant named János Pogány, working at the draining, was soaking his legs in the warm water all day and after coming out of the swamp his legs healed. The news quickly traveled through the area. The Batthyány family quickly recognized the medicinal effects.

In 1824, began the construction of the bath. Vilmos Zsigmond, a mining engineer, was seeing through the preparation for the first of the thermal water wells. This was the first geothermal well of the country, 37.7 m deep and 62 degrees Celsius.

The Spa of Harkány is Hungary’s flagship spa. It is called the “Mecca for Rheumatics”. The 200-year-old water bath can heal rheumatism, arthritis, can help who are recovering from musculoskeletal surgery or can be used as follow-up treatments due to the healing effect of divalent sulfur.

It can also help with psoriasis and gynecological problems.

The city’s climate is Mediterranean. Due to the long hours of sunshine the annual average temperature is 10-11 degrees.

Harkány is a world-renowned health resort center.


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