Monthly Archives: February 2014

The New Market of Greece

When I was in Greece, some people talked about alternative markets and alternative governments. A year later I found an article that gives us a story of some farmers cutting out the middleman and sell products to customers. The feisty owner of a small family business that makes detergents has never had time for […]

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Spring Rain

Hungary has 4 seasons. One of them is winter, disguised as spring in February. This is the time when trees and flowers think that it might be a good idea to bloom but boy, they are wrong. Gallery         2,844 total views, no views today

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Elections Coming

Since 2014 governmental elections are already in the kitchen, I would like to spend a moment on listing the 4 big/medium forces that will try to tangle this spring. Later we’ll take a look at each of them and examine them a bit more closely to figure out who to cheer for. FIDESZ (current governing […]

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