Elections 2014 – The Battle for Change (?)


FIDESZ campaign poster from 2002 – what a relic

I have experienced 4 elections in my conscious time. Before that I was too much of a kid to know what was happening.

In that time I saw weird battles between wannabe prime ministers and poster wars between parties while not having any proper idea of what the promises were.

Last elections were won by Orbán Viktor and his party: FIDESZ – a party that is supposed to be the Alliance of Young Democrats (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége) but since Mr. Orbán and his friends are not young anymore, they call it, simply, FIDESZ. I wonder if people still remember the “young” part in the name.

Regardless of that, FIDESZ won by stating “we have the solution, vote for us”. I didn’t vote for them. I didn’t vote for anyone. I couldn’t choose any party. None of them seemed appealing.

Random Stranger: Yeah, but dude, that’s the same everywhere on Earth, except North Korea.

Oh well… I don’t care. Especially because we, Hungarians, are supposed to be super experts on all aspects of life and technology and life and other … things.

Meaning, whatever problems we have, they should already have been solved – long, long ago… dude.

However our political forces used the past 20+ years to shout “communist” and “whatever” to each other in the hope that it would solve any sort of problems so they could just go back to steal state money through well-informed, family owned companies winning state contracts even slightly before New Year’s Eve. Yeah, that’s a thing now.

Government is closed during the holidays. Where did they sign that contract actually? In the living room of Orbán Viktor during a friendly foosball match? Hah, rumors, you’ve got to love them, eh?

So in this series of articles I’m going to report through the 2014 election campaign, all the way up to the elections, desperately trying to figure out what the hell is going on in my country before I might leave it forever, joining to the 500,000, leaving behind people stand in surprise.


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P.S.: some of articles are edited and co-written by a mysterious person called Tatjana. But I take all the credit.

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