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Even though I received at least 2 cryptic letters about what wars Hungary won against the EU and other forces in the past 4 years I have no information regarding what happens if our current ruling party wins the upcoming elections.

Live in the Past

Let’s examine the party’s last promises before we head on to expect more from them.

  • 1 million jobs in 10 years
  • EU tenders will have 50% more small-business winners
  • 10% of all houses will be refurbished every year
  • Simplifying the TAX system
  • Less administration for businesses
  • Flexible employment implementation
  • Hungary will be the healing tourism centre of the EU
  • Energy independence
  • More science education
  • “Exceptional Product” emblem to support Hungarian businesses
  • Support for patent on foreign land
  • Greener, more nacionalist tenders for Hungarian businesses
  • Well, that was certainly entertaining.

Easy for You

Dear reader, you have an easy job when it comes to learn that most of these promises haven’t become a reality and those that have, are awful – at least from the point of view of many. You don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis. You have your own problems.

Of course, I’m only stating the obvious. I just wanted you to have a gentle reminder before I start complaining, as a Hungarian should do in a case like the above.

Statistics can lie. In the case of the 1 million jobs, the number depends on whether we include social work (in exchange for unemployment aid) or not. However, even if we include every meaningless or made-up jobs, we (as a country) are nowhere near the 1 million. I assume, naturally, FIDESZ meant 1 million jobs as an addition to the almost 3.7 million.

Fidelitas is for young people who want to be in the party later or just help out.

Fidelitas is for young people who want to be in the party later or just help out.

4 Million Jobs and Counting

At this moment, according to the KSH (central statistics agency) there are 4 million working citizens. Not bad, you say? I have to admit, the number is promising.

Opposition says the numbers are up because of growing government sector and social jobs.

If that’s true, we are closer to Communism – a step backward. Simply because the above mentioned jobs are not too productive – sometimes it feels they were created for statistical reasons. The problem is: the government chose to create jobs directly, not by stimulating the economy.

Well, I spent so much time on jobs and I’m out of ink to discuss all the other promises. Luckily, I’m not a political expert and I would be out of my comfort zone and fact zone as well. I simply wished give you the list of past promises.

The verdict is: it seems FIDESZ realized most of its promises but to a lot of Hungarians it feels, changes are either wrong or not real at all (only exist on paper).

Perhaps it is an over-reaction but you have to understand where Hungarians come from, Communism. During communism, statistics were made up and promises were never kept; and today’s Hungary reminds us of the good old days.

As we go along with the articles describing Hungary’s preparation for the 2014 elections, I promise you to get back to all the promises FIDESZ made 4 years ago.

Not everybody likes FIDESZ.

Not everybody likes FIDESZ.

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