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Elections 2014 – Posters

I’m sure that there are a lot of parties, forces to consider when it comes to this year’s elections. However I can only consider those that I see on the streets. Since every major political party gets hundreds of millions of forints for campaign purposes I am pretty sure the street is the best option […]

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A Vote in Crimea

The Ukrainian conflict has come and gone. Now everyone is wondering what the hell it was. We are still following the development of this case. It seems that from now on Crimea, the former gift of the Russians, is part of Russia again. Russian President signs laws completing annexation of Crimea; Russia investors take […]

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Syria Is still Kicking

Syria is still in ruins and while other countries are discussing what measures can be taken to help either side, every-day people are still suffering and want nothing to do with politics and war. 175 fighters killed State media says most ambush casualties from Nusra Front as US decries arrest of relatives of opposition […]

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A Look Back on Crimea Western officials meet in London to discuss asset freezes and travel bans to persuade Moscow to withdraw from Crimea. The French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, has said that sanctions against Russia could begin as early as this week if Moscow does not respond to western proposals to solve the crisis in Ukraine. But the […]

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Crisis Report

Have we forgotten Syria already? With all what’s going on in the Ukraine, perhaps, we buried Syria deep into the boring part of our brains. Well, the war over there is far from over, so look out! The UNICEF Organisation stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, Supporting children all around the world […]

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