Hungary vs. the Ukraine Crisis


Ukrainian Internal Affairs

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not an expert either on Ukrainian internal affairs, or Russian. That being said, since my country is a direct neighbour to the Ukraine I believe there are almost 10,000,000 people here who has some sort of opinion on the subject matter.

Not so long ago we witnessed the Yugoslavian war and it caused quite a stirring in Hungary. If I am not wrong, this is the exact same situation. Thousands of Hungarians have already crossed the border from Ukraine to escape military service and the war itself.

Sons and Daughters

While everyone’s guessing what caused this whole crisis, please don’t forget that although country affairs are very important, civilian lives are much more important. If even one person loses his or her life during this crisis, that person is somebody’s child and/or parent.

I have seen news reports talking about the political aspects of the crisis but I don’t think enough people mention the above.

I don’t understand the political intricacy of Eastern Europe. I know only one thing: Hungary has just signed a deal with the Russians to build a new nuclear power plant next to our existing one. Therefore our government is obligated to back the Russians up. However we are part of the European Union. On the surface our government strongly opposes the EU but behind the scenes FIDESZ always changes the laws so that they could coexist with the EU’s constitution.

This is, indeed, a very complicated situation.

GDP per Capita

Having no other information about the crisis, let me show you a picture, a chart featuring the GDP per capita of Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.

2014-03-03 12_38_34-World Development Indicators - Google Public Data Explorer

The reason I love looking at charts like this is that it shows the power of the nation from a certain aspect. To me GDP per capita shows the wealth of the nation. It shows how much people produce divided by the number of people living there. It is obvious that Ukraine is not a wealthy nation.

Bits and Pieces

The other piece of information I know is that Russia’s oil and gas goes to the European Union in a pipeline through the Ukraine. If Russia controls that pipeline, it gives the country a leverage on the EU. Without the “annoying” Ukrainians, Russia might strike a better deal.

These are the rumours and opinions I keep hearing about the Ukrainian crisis.

In the future, I will try to keep you updated on Hungary’s involvement in this event.

2014-03-03 12_40_26-map of ukraine - Google Search

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