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I’m sure that there are a lot of parties, forces to consider when it comes to this year’s elections. However I can only consider those that I see on the streets. Since every major political party gets hundreds of millions of forints for campaign purposes I am pretty sure the street is the best option to look for ideas and promises.

Well, there are very few ideas and almost no promises. I cannot judge them harshly though: every party has its own website and people can find out everything about them.

Today, let’s look at posters for fun. Since you (as an English speaker foreign citizen) are not really interested in our small country’s internal affairs –  but fun is universal. 🙂


Translation: Hungary's prime minister

Translation: Hungary’s prime minister

This is a very bold move from FIDESZ. Are we voting for the party or only for the leader, Orbán Viktor who is in the picture. A lot of people shout “dictator” when it comes to FIDESZ therefore using only one face can give more fuel to these arguments.

2. Együtt 1014


Recession: we’ll defeat it together!

A multiparty alliance (Together 2014) is aiming to go against FIDESZ and its promises. They a series of posters declairing ultimate victory on stuff such as the still on-going recession, 1-class tax system, unemployment and so on. MSZP (Hungary’s socialist party) is one of the founding member of the alliance.

3. LMP

Cleaner Hungary

Cleaner Hungary

The “Politics Can Be Different” party is still offering the country’s clean up. They are the ones with the creative ideas such as showering the whole parliament with leaflets, each one FIDESZ’s failed promise. In my private opinion they are a fun party and a very good opposition. I don’t know if they could be a good governing party.

4. Jobbik


Radical changes! – In the name of the People

Some say the “Better” party (jobbik = better one, also: the right one – not the left) is a Nazi party but so far they have not demonstrated anything close to Hitler’s party. I believe it’s safe to say that they don’t want a second holocaust. However shouting “radical changes” and similar slogens can sound dangerous in a pieceful society such as ours.

5. Kisgazdapárt

Peter says: we are strong again.

Peter says: we are strong again.

The “Independent Farmer Party” representing farmers all over Hungary was a significant small party many years ago in the 90s. I, personally, don’t know who Péter is but I recognise their symbol and I say: great to see you again. After all Hungary is an agricultural country or whatnot.

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