Syrian Conflict Ends (?)


Hezbollah claims it has helped Assad win Syria conflict

Leader of Lebanese group Hassan Nasrallah claims Damascus president has defeated rebels thanks in part to his help.

Syria’s regime is no longer in danger of being toppled and the risk of the country being divided has passed, according to the head of Hezbollah.

Hassan Nasrallah’s comments to the al-Safir newspaper come as his Shia movement in Lebanon is increasingly involved in the conflict in neighbouring Syria, where they are fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.


There is a new website called SyriaNews providing some news about the Syrian conflict. We’ll track it for a while and see how it goes.

By Jay Tharappel According to Michael Karadjis’ latest article published on the 17th of February titled ‘Assad Regime Responsible for Rise in Religious Sectarianism’, it is the secular Syrian government that is responsible for the rise in sectarianism, and not the actual bloodthirsty insurgents of all factions who have earned an international reputation for their sectarian brutality.

The main theme of Karadjis’ article is his argument that the sectarian hatred endemic among most, if not all rebel factions, is primarily a predictable outgrowth of the over-representation of Alawis in the Syrian government.

He refers to the Syrian state as a “family run” “Alawite regime”, which is nothing more than a lazy cliché that serves to transform the story of a complex nation and its political history into a generic caricature that ultimately serves imperial interests.


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