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Let’s do a comperative analisys about the newly opened metro line in Budapest. Some say it is a great achievement, some say it’s a waste of money. I just really want some ice-scream but I imagine you wish to embark on a journey using the new line from beginning to end.

Also I believe in order to fully understand the impact of the new line, we have to compare it with other major cities around the world: Moscow, New York, London, Paris and Vienna – our twin city.

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The M4 Metro Line

The Metro 4 Line, Unofficially: Green Line, is the fourth, or green line of Budapest Metro, and opened on 28 March 2014.

The first section, 7.4 km in length and consisting of ten stations, connects the southwestern Kelenföldi pályaudvar located in Buda, and the eastern Keleti pályaudvar in Pest, under the River Danube. The second section will be an eastern extension to Bosnyák tér, while plans include a western extension to Virágpiac and further east to Újpalota. Daily ridership has been estimated at 421,000. The line operates using fully automated Alstom Metropolis train sets, which are also installed on the M2 line.

In Hungary the construction of the line has been widely criticised as a source of extensive government corruption.

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4-es metró – Átadás elõtt a vonal

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