Greek Elecetions 2014

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Local elections are scheduled to be held in Greece on 18 May 2014 (first round) and 25 May 2014 (second round). Voters will elect representatives to Greece‘s restructured local authorities, comprising 13 regions and 325 municipalities.

Traditionally, candidates at local elections do not run under the official name of any party as the constitution only foresees the participation of electoral lists (or “combinations”) and not parties. Despite this theoretical independence and distinction, for all practical purposes most candidates run as local front organisations for political parties.

The first round of local and regional elections in Greece ended with no single party securing enough support to declare a decisive victory.

“Personalities won over political parties, as independent candidates are ahead in three of the country’s largest cities,” said Loukas Tsoukalis.


Greek voters gave a clear sign of their disapproval of the government’s austerity policies.

“There is no precedent for a ruling party to be locked out of the second round in the Athens mayoral and Attica prefecture elections,” proclaimed Alexis Tsipras.

Government officials voiced concerns that with Athens only now emerging from its worst recession in modern times, Greece risked rolling back years of economic progress and reforms at an especially sensitive time.

But in a further shock for Samaras’s fragile administration, the vehemently anti-austerity neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party also put in a surprisingly strong performance.


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