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Is it possible for a seemingly bad person to think of them-self as good? It is hard to imagine when said person is doing evil things but it is basic psychology: you are the center of ‘your’ world that is actually the ‘real world’ – at least you think it is.

During the last couple of years Mr. Orbán has replaced the ‘we’ to ‘I’ in his sentences regarding future actions of the government. This is a clear indication of a dictatorship being born – some say.

In my humble opinion shouting dictatorship while being part of the EU is a tiny bit far fetched. The EU is famous of its rules and regulations having a vast array of ‘weapons’ against people who wish to have tyrannical thoughts.

The Big Question

Does Mr. Orbán, prime minister of Hungary, wish to be the king of Hungary, perhaps?

It would make sense from his point of view since a king can produce results quickly: he doesn’t have to obey silly rules or deal the silly media. He does what he wants, when he wants it.

I would say Mr. Orbán would look at this option as appealing to him. It would certainly allow him to govern the country more efficiently. Even though it is most questionable, a dictatorship is still the most effective way to get things done.


Endless Discussions

While during the socialist era there was no saying in how the one and only party lead Hungary, after 1989 we tasted ”freedom” and watched MPs shouting “communist” at each other on a daily basis. A lot of ‘everyday’ folks compared this to the previous era and concluded: this is no way to govern a country.

Most probably these people are the voting base for Mr. Orbán’s victory. Would they be right? Is that the true way of leadership?

Democracy is about discussing everything but when you try forcing people who don’t like talking, then you have a ‘perfect storm’ of an inadequate system.

Can Mr. Orbán Save Hungary?

Based on his actions (as he has often said: “don’t pay attention to what I say, look at my actions) he is failing miserably for national debt is piking, unemployment is still high and all his actions aimed desperately to fix problems are nothing but micro-managing issues – and since he is nowhere near close to a demigod: he can manage everything at the same time.

Even if he could, even if he thinks he is an expert when it comes to everything important*, his actions show otherwise.


As I do not see inside the government of Hungary, I cannot give proper wisdom about what’s going to happen. However I can assure your: it’s not going to be easy with a failing economy and non-professional government.

Angela Merkel, Viktor Orban

*: clearly he thinks technology is not important (internet tax, not using laptop, smartphone himself, etc…)

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