The Budapest Wall


Berlin Wall

So one morning Hungary’s all time saviour, the undisputable, great president-prime-minister, Orbán Viktor, decided that a fence on the Serbian-Hungarian border would solve everyone’s problems.
Because he was asked before his morning sausage & eggs, he presumably was too hungry and grumpy to actually listen to this complex problem of mass-immigration and refugees.

Is it a big deal?
Yes, everything bigger than a toast landing on its buttered side is a big deal. You, dear reader, have to consider the fact that Hungary is a homogenous society. Having to deal with outsiders is a big deal, especially for an incompetent government.

Planned 4m tall fence against immigrants along the Serbian border

Planned 4m tall fence against immigrants along the Serbian border

Does the EU help?
Yes, the EU has offered a very simple solution: we deal with refugees and we get money for it. Personally, I can’t understand why our brilliant government had to create such a big fuss about some people transiting through Hungary.

Did you think people would stay here? At best they might speak English or German, or nothing. Either way, a western European nation is a far better choice than tiny Hungary.

The Solution
As always, I can offer a perfect solution: let them come. The tree-trunk is hard and strong, but can be broken by the storm; the grass is weak, but will bend with the wind…
Being a stubborn prime minister of Hungary, building fences, and finding quick and easy “solutions” offers way more disadvantages than advantages.

Immigrants don't stay in Hungary for long...

Immigrants don’t stay in Hungary for long…

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