Why Is FIDESZ so Arrogant?


Orbán Viktor, PM of Hungary is listening to his interpreter

It is an undeniable fact that both towards EU leaders/institutions and fellow Hungarians FIDESZ is impolite at best. This endless arrogance mostly hides incompetence and fear of their inevitable failure as a government.

While Hungary’s leaders are desperately trying to show extraordinary numbers to convince people their reforms are working, it is clear that this facade is nothing more than some sort of North Korean style parade of fakeness.

pattern 7

Every time an individual or opposing political force tries to point out mistakes, FIDESZ immediately reacts with full force, using unlimited energy to discredit any opinion other than “everything is perfect”.

A famous Hungarian political scientist once said: if reforms are working, why do they have to point it out? Isn’t it obvious to everyone?

However this statement is not an indirect proof of disfunction. People have short memory. Regardless, he has a point…

Mórahalom, 2015. július 16. Közfoglalkoztatottak dróthálót feszítenek ki a kerítésoszkopokra az ideiglenes biztonsági határzár mintaszakaszának építési munkálatai során a magyar-szerb határon, Mórahalom térségében 2015. július 16-án. MTI Fotó: Kelemen Zoltán Gergely

Mórahalom, 16 July 2015.

Apparently, unemployment is at its all time low, thanks to the jobs directly created by the government. Rather than being unemployed, you can go into a classroom, listen to people talk about “job stuff” or be forced to manual harvesting regardless of your previous education. It’s something we all strive for, I’m sure.

While this is clearly not productive and would never raise Hungary’s GDP, it does buff up statistics. Hooray!

The real question is: does the government know? What I mean is: are they aware that they do not solve problems? Yes, or no, Hungary is in big trouble.

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