What Holds Hungary Back?

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After the second world war, Germany was cut in half, Hungary continued to struggle without its previously lost territories and Poland was in ruins. These are just examples of what Europe look like after the war.


In 2015, Germany is a powerhouse, Poland is ahead of Hungary (along with all the countries surrounding it; except Serbia maybe) and we, as a nation, are still arguing about who’s a communist or why we should nationalize tobacco stores and electricity companies while planning to host Olympic games is 2024.

Outrageous! – most people say.

It is of utmost importance to be aware of the fact that Hungary (for most of its existence) was a kingdom. We are not accustomed to discussed things, we do as we are told by our superiors.
That’s why most people don’t look at the government as a team but Orbán Viktor, the prime minister. They sit around and wait for him to solve all the problems. If he can’t no-one can.
Even though Hungary has been a christian country (it’s in the constitution), we often fail to remember one of the Bible’s most important advice: help yourself and God shall help you.


However KDNP (Christian Democrats) remember another one: they issued a law (with the help of FIDESZ) that closes most stores on Sundays. What a terrible idea that was conceived without consulting people.

Yet, most accepted it because we were told by our superiors…

Good soldiers are always appreciated, serving your country is great. However: democracy is all about discussing issues and that’s a thing we just won’t do.


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