5 Reasons to Lose your Heart in Hungary

written by

Natalia Krrupeninna


It’s very rare that someone is kind enough to gift me with an article about their trip to Hungary but here we go, thank you Natalia!

Friendly People Everywhere in Hungary

When you come in any country, you should communicate with people because you need use transportation, buy food or souvenirs, find the right place in town and etc. Interaction with people is actual thing especially you don’t know local language or English. I remember cases when people were rude to me, unfortunately… it has influenced the overall impression of the country…

When I was in Hungary as a tourist, people always tried to help me, even though we spoke different languages. I visited 11 Hungarian cities and I can say people helped me everywhere, regardless that they don’t understand English… It was awesome…


They say Hungarian people don’t smile all the time like people from other cultures but I see they have kind souls… I suppose it has historical reason… I read the books about Hungarian history. I found Hungarian people were brave, strong and they didn’t have slaves like other tribes and countries…

Food that Makes You Healthier and Stronger as a Hungarian Warrior

We are what we eat. You are health if you eat healthy food. But today it is a problem in big cities… When you come in Hungary, you can buy healthy food, especially vegetables and fruits. I can’t forget the strawberries that I bought in Budapest.

Hungarian cuisine is usually associated with paprika, sweet red pepper which is very often present in many dishes from modern Hungarian cuisine. But red pepper was completely absent in the Hungarian cuisine in the 19th century, as you can read in cookbooks of the time.


The true food for Hungary are various thick soups, which are prepared solely in woks and pots, mainly in stoves and ovens or on open fire. As you know, the Hungarians were strong warriors, they have adapted to life in different conditions, so they learned to cook a variety of dishes such as soups, dishes with meat and vegetables that can let them to be force during wars.

By the way, if you are a vegetarian, you also find many dishes from vegetables and deserts. Hungarian deserts are fine too. I like palacsinta.


Beautiful Mystery: the Hungarian Language

The scientists still argue about where the Hungarian language appeared. Maybe it was given by aliens? Who knows ☺ Hungarian is a very beautiful and melodic language. This language is not easy to study but when you feel very cool when you try to use a few phrases with the locals. By the way, the Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sisi) was very fond of Hungarian language since childhood…

Country with a Long History

The scientists have found the remains of people who lived in the territory of Hungary even 350 thousand years ago. There were many different pages in Hungarian history. It makes Hungarian people very special. They tend to do self-education and ongoing spiritual development. You rarely meet an uneducated Hungarian who can’t talk about different topics from the latest political news to classic of Hungarian literature.

You can read more about Hungarian history, but today I want to show you some Hungarian dress.

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Cool Places for Shooting

You know it is very cool when you can take pictures without problems. If you see an old building, you can do some shooting without modern buildings beside of it or something else. You can find many beautiful castles, houses, churches and etc. It is especially beautiful to photograph in the afternoon, when the rays of the sun play on the walls of buildings.



written by

Natalia Krrupeninna

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