Hungary’s Fence


Building a fence is always a great idea … you can climb it or destroy it quickly…

… and at some point Hungary decided that it should build a fence to keep out all the unwanted. Uproar of citizens followed, Minister of Defense resigned, the European Union was baffled.

Dear reader, please allow me to quickly summarize what the deal is with this whole situation and introduce some interesting theories about how I see Hungary and its role in the EU.

It is an extremely interesting idea to be radical in an age where the world is becoming more peaceful and more connected. News travels fast and quite quickly after issuing a new law people analyze it and share their opinions with the whole world.
A great example would be Hungary’s failed introduction of the internet tax (what a fantastic idea, shot down in matter of weeks).


Everybody fiddling with their phones… but if one looks up, they share what’s going on in the World.

Hungary is a homogeneous society where any new arrival has to face the fact that they don’t speak the language and don’t understand the customs. While Hungary’s 1000-year-old history and membership of the EU could make it look attractive to some, it is a generally understood fact that salaries and opportunities are fewer than in Austria for instance.

There is a war going on in the Arab world. It’s devastating as all wars, it murders innocent people or force them to leave home in order to survive. Their first stop is Turkey (because it’s close). However Turkey has it’s own crisis, it is not capable of accepting an endless amount of people.

Why would Syrians try to come here? – you might ask. They wouldn’t…

The world knows very well that Hungary is nothing more than a transit country between east and west. Nobody wants to stay here but it is a great entry point into the EU.


Got a long lost Hungarian great-grandfather? Still have his birth certificate? Congratulations my fellow Hungarian citizen! Welcome to Hungary.

On one hand Hungary grants citizenship to everyone who can “produce” any sort of Hungarian ancestry because its population is decreasing, on the other hand whoever non-Hungarian wishes to enter, must face instant rejection. That is what happened with the Syrian refugees.

Despite being a Christian country to the core, Hungary’s religious and political leaders stated that “it is our religious duty to help others but in this case we have to stay strong and refuse their entry“.


Hungary is a Christian country, it’s in its constitution, thus it is obvious Hungary should refuse helping anyone who is not Christian… I guess… My name is Christian… yay!

What gives dude? – you might ask. How is it that this kind of cruelty is allowed in a developed country?

It is a well-understood “fact” in any Hungarian’s mind, that middle-eastern people are savages and, in general, less cultured than their European counterparts. Now, if you believe this, then it is quite easy to make the deduction concluding that “Arabs are just like gypsies” – dirty, aggressive and single-minded.

Would you like to let these horrible people into your country so they could beat your men, rape your women and steal your children? Hopefully in that order, otherwise it would be even scarier…

You, dear reader, and I both know that stereotypes are never a good idea to use when judging refugees but I’m only telling you what Hungary’s government thinks about Syrian refugees and not saying they are right or wrong about it.


After Hungary’s failure to actually process refugees in a matter of weeks, they left on foot for Austria…

Just to go on with the joke a tad bit further: think about all the refugees trotting through Hungary’s highways towards Austria… so many dirty feet. Imagine how much cleaning those poor highway-cleaner would have to do!

Well, Hungary had built its fence, refugees chose different routes (mostly through Slovenia and Croatia). Now comes the revenge, when the European Union, that calls itself a democracy, dares to talk about quotas, trying to send around 1000 refugees to Hungary saying every country has to take part in handling refugees…

Conclusion? If we imagine the European Union as a class of 4th-graders then Hungary would probably be regarded as one of the bad students. Should the government of Hungary complain about everything? Well yes, that is what democracy is all about – as long as the EU does not allow any real radicalism in the classroom, there is nothing to worry about


EU 4th grade: Germany is the nerd, Hungary is the drug-addict in the corner snorting money…

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