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Greece got in trouble in 2008 and for years the media was on and on about how much of a financial pit Greece is in. I talked to a friend one day and I was informed that maybe, just maybe, the problem isn't exactly financial and perhaps this whole situation is not Greece's fault alone.

As a country with thousands of years worth of History I find it awful that suddenly everyone seems to know what their problem is: they are lazy.
Are they?
Is an average citizen can be responsible for a crisis? Can we truly blame them?


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I believe that when it comes to an issue it is important to talk to people from all around the world for we live on the planet together, nobody should be excluded. I always encourage people to talk to be, not just for friendship purposes but to broaden our horizon and perspective on life and it's troubles.

Here are the countries in no particular order from where people participated and talked to me about Greece's problems:

Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil, South Korea, The Netherlands, The USA


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