Hungarians Come From Mystery

Where Do We Come from?

Journey of Hungarians

Journey of Hungarians

I think it is safe to say that Hungarian culture is quite unique. When I say that, I don’t mean that it is perfect or better than other cultures. But its craziness is kind of different. There are all sort of ideas about where we come from. And the best, scientists could come up with, is that we come from somewhere beyond the Ural mountains. And this is literally the expression they use “beyond” because they have no idea: what we did, where we were before that.

Throughout the centuries, a couple of famous Hungarians, priests mostly, tried to travel to that area hoping that they would find somebody who resembles us. But the best they could find were people who remembered us.
And that’s it… so where we come from is a mystery, the way we traveled to the Carpathians basin, to the place where we live now, was not a straight line. And we encountered many different cultures throughout our journey. And we assimilated some of their customs and language, yet still that doesn’t explain the way we work, completely.

Crown of Hungary

Hungary’s Place in Europe

This is a source of great admiration by most countries and cultures. But the admiration stops when it comes to our actions in the first and second world wars. We usually regard this era as the time when we could not make good decisions because we are simply down to earth people , we were eager to simplify things. And that shows greatly in our history throughout the eras: we always tried to make the most sensible decisions. Some of them worked out perfectly while others did not.

Around the year 1000 we had already had already lived here for about 100 years but pressure from the west was so high that we decided to make the sensible decision to join the Christian Europe, asked a crown from the pope and created the Hungarian Kingdom. In later years, we tried to step to what it seems as a sensible direction and mostly follow the European way. And this led us to the unfortunate choice of joining Nazism. This is something we so desperately wish to forget.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, much like when we joined to the European Kingdoms 1000 years before. We tried to be team players, yet we cannot deny our mysteries ways that started with coming from somewhere nobody knows of. We have always had our ways. And while we try to make the most sensible decisions, we often fail to do the right thing.

Tolerance of the European Union

Probably nobody will ever understand how we work. We don’t even understand it.
We are not asking Europe to understand us but simply accept us. And whatever has happened in the last 1000 years, Europe has tried to accept our crazy ways, and for that we should be grateful.

European Union

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