Budapest: the City of Inspiration

written by
Natalia Krrupeninna


I know there are many articles and other stuff about travelling in different countries and Hungary too on the Internet and in books. People describe touristic places, history, shopping, sometimes characters of nation… It is difficult to write something else… but I still see Budapest when I close my eyes.

I see the light of the sun that plays on the buildings, its open windows, some fun sings in Hungarian language. I still remember different streets of the city… sounds, smells, faces of people.

In the modern world, we always hurry… we always worry about work, people, our problems. We are thinking about many things all the time. Sometimes we forget about ourselves and places where we live. We have a habit to rush, especially if we live in big cities but Budapest is quite different. You can stop here… You can stop and ask yourself: where am I, who am I, where do I go…


Some places of Budapest help you relax and remember about yourself and spiritual things.

You can become a child again here… maybe you can do it for 1-2 hours but you can do it. You can feel life as children do it. You can close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun, music of trees, laughter of people… You can see the beauty of our world again. In this state, you can notice things that you usually forget about.


If you visit Budapest, stop, open your eyes and let yourself think and feel good things of our world: love, hope, art, nature… because Budapest is a city of inspiration.

written by
Natalia Krrupeninna

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About the Author: Chris Kovacs

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Much like most people, I like to be all sorts of things.

P.S.: some of articles are edited and co-written by a mysterious person called Tatjana. But I take all the credit.

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