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When you go to India, you can see people running around in all sorts of fancy looking colorful clothes that are vastly different from American or European style.

When you come to Hungary, because it is European country, you will find that people don’t run around in traditional clothing, not even at parties much like Western Europe. Girls prefer to show lots of skin and guys prefer mostly jeans.

I had a friend over from the US and I was told that we all wear jeans as if Hungary was the country of cowboys. And there was also another note from a friend that we seem to wear tight clothes as opposed to the US where people prefer big loose comfortable clothes just like cars I guess.

So if you wish to dress as a Hungarian, I suggest you quickly buy a good pair of jeans, a T-shirt with some fancy text and you are good to go. When I was growing up, people followed the trend of dressing up even for a Saturday grocery shopping and try to show how rich they are.

Nowadays, mostly because of recession of 2008, people dress up in less fancy clothes for supermarkets. You can’t see lots of people in suits. The dress code when it comes to work is either protective gear with that blue overall sort of thing or some everyday jeans and T-shirts. Companies sometimes expect the “business casual” style but again, jeans are allowed.


If you visit Hungary, you quickly realize that we have all the Western stores franchises such as New Yorker or Gucci. And we dress not so differently than people in London, for instance.

Unlike in the US, Hungarians are not famous for their obesity so you’ll see all sorts of normal size people here. Also this article is not politically correct, because I’m not a politician, or whatnot.

However should you ever wish to buy traditional Hungarian clothes for some reason, you can always find some overpriced pieces in touristic areas of Budapest. Should you ever want to buy cheap ones, unfortunately you have to have a Hungarian friend like me, for example, or have to learn Hungarian and find a Hungarian store that sells traditional clothing mostly for dancers who perform at traditional Hungarian dance events.

Quite interestingly, traditional Hungarian clothing features black trousers and huge white shirts with black vest most of the time and a black hat. Women traditionally have lots of underskirts which take ages to put on.

So now you perhaps to understand why everybody prefers jeans. Dressing in traditional Hungarian for men could be fun, for women it is less fun.

Although it is a fact that both genders’ clothing is quite comfortable during winter as well during summer except, perhaps the huge boots men have to wear.


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