Ten Things You Must Do in the Azores

1. Relax in the hot spring that feeds into the sea at Ponta da Ferraria on São Miguel.


2. Take a day trip to Aldeia da Cuada on Flores Island – it’s the most westerly spot in the whole of Europe.


3. Spot dolphins and sperm whales (they’re in the waters all year round) from São Miguel.


4. Enjoy the panoramic views from the top of Mount Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain.


5. Explore the islands by cycling or horse riding.


6. Feast on a bowl of the local fish stew, known as “caldeirada de peixe”.


7. Visit the vineyards on Pico and try some verdelho wine – it was a favourite of Tsar Nicholas II.

Vineyard Sunset

8. With more than 200 endemic and migratory species, such as the Azores bullfinch, grey wagtail and roseate terns, the region is very popular with birdwatchers.


9. Scuba dive off the coast of Terceira Island to see the graveyard of ancient ship anchors and marine life such as eagle rays and octopus.


10. Take an afternoon stroll around the beautiful 17th-century buildings of the town of Angra do Heroísmo – a UNESCO protected site.


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