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So, let’s talk about Hungarian language like never before! 
Last time we talked about the sounds in Hungarian language. And today, we are going to try to use that knowledge to pronounce some words.

Now, please be patient because, pronouncing Hungarian words is one thing, but speaking the language, that’s another story, because we have to learn grammar.

Now, to learn grammar without the  pronunciation would cause you much trouble, because even when you read Hungarian the words would be shown in your mind in form of sounds, not in the form of written letters. I’m no psychologist, but when you read things, or perhaps it’s better to view this trough my example – When I read things I pronounce the words, at least in my mind, without my mouth moving, because that would be very, very weird.  And if I can’t connect the sound to a word, the written thing, then I just get confused. So because of this all, theory of mine we will try to read some words and then after a while, I promise it’s a short period of time, we’re gonna learn the basic grammar. Now, I have to warn you, the grammar of the Hungarian language is very complicated, even the most basic level. So I imagine you, as an English man, human or person or something, you get used to a concept of words put in a sentence in order. Now, in Hungarian language we have no order, at least not like yours so that’s going to cause some trouble.

But more on that later. Let’s just stick with our words… Now please try to find the papers. Yea, they are right there, okay.
Let’s start with: ALMA, thank you.

So as you can see the word on top of all the words, all three, contains the letters: a, l, m, a. So if you want to pronounce it:

– remember to pronounce it very clearly, using the sounds we learned the last time. So that was – alma.
Now, the next one ,we look at the letters, but this is the last time, so – k, ö, r, t, e.

Now, remember the E letter is not mute. It’s never mute. In Hungarian language there are no mute letters. We pronounce every single one of them. Even if it’s a mass of weird letters, like DZS , if you remember, its D, Z, S – DZS.
So the middle one is, based on sounds we learned, is:
KÖRTE. Remember the R sound, which is R, in Hungarian language. Yeah it is. It’s very, very piratelike. It’s very hard and it’s very tough sound. So – KÖRTE.

And the last one is:
SZÉK – if you remember all the decorated letters like – ö and é, remember to pronounce it like é with a very long, long sound, wich you produce with your mouth. Yeah. Okay, so let’s take a look at them again, for the last time its:

  • ALMA,
  • KÖRTE, and
  • SZÉK. 

Good! They are very good!

Now, for the record, I will tell you the meaning of the words, just for fun, but remember, we are trying to pronounce the words, not learn them. Later on we can learn any words you want. Or I want actually because, you don’t really have any influence on me, to you.
So okay…


KÖRTE – PEAR. You know – pear,the a… The fruit.  Like in the …… rhymes slang… Apples and pears, stares. Okay, now anyway… And the last one is 



Okay, good! Next!


 Next one is:
ASZTAL – remember to pronounce the A letter as – a! With very, very short sounds. ASZTAL!

The next one is:

And the last one is:

Just for the fun of it, I used a very, very long word but that is not the longest word in Hungarian language, beacause it’s actually…Sounds like this –  megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért.


Yeah, good one, huh?

Okay, so…
ASZTAL – Is a table, or desk, we don’t care.

AUTÓ – is the car, and 
SZÁMITÓGEP  – is the computer

And remember, you use – computer, for the calculating machine and the personal computers and the mekintos and other stuff , számitógep is only personal computer a MAC or any other thing, which is not a single calculator, you know… So next one…

The next six words, are very special because these are personal pronouns of the Hungarian language and now, remember: we learn them now and we will never use them again. Because there are personal pronouns in Hungarian language, however we don’t really use them. So let’s just be that way for a while. Let’s pronounce them and that’s it. We’ll talk about the other stuff later, so first:



So let’s go trough them again: ÉN, TE, Ő, MI, TI, ŐK.
Remember the T sound is very tough, tougher than yours in – start, or actually even more harder than in the word – their, or they. Because in order:

– Én = I
– Te = You
– Ö He, She or It.
Yeah it’s easy, we have only one for them, it doesn’t matter if it’s a she male or….
It doesn’t matter if its a she or a he or an it, its – Ő

Okay then:
-Mi= We
-Ti = You
-Ők = They

So, for the last time –  ÉN, TE, Ő, MI, TI, ŐK.


Good work!


Now we have only one last word and its:

Menni – is actually a verb.
This is the first word we learn in a Hungarian language, it means: – GO .

However, standard logic suggest that I take a personal pronoun and I put it in front of the verb and we are done.
Like-  “Én menni, te menni…” It should mean – I go, you go, he/she/it goes… However Hungarian language is very tricky, so if I wanna say, in Hungarian – “I go”, it’s actually: MEGYEK! So I use the MENNI verb, however, I alter it so it could mean –I GO.

Now, you don’t have to learn any of this, only the pronunciation. And practice them if you want to, try to read Hungarian, because much like German, if you learn the pronunciation you have very good chance to be able to read Hungarian language.
You don’t understand any of it, but you can read.

So if you are at that point of your life, where you want to send me a video response reading some Hungarian, then I would very much welcome it! Again if you want to.

However, time is up!So I’m gonna finish it, and until the next time, have fun!
And may the cows be with you!


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