Learn Hungarian 1×05 – A Few Nouns and Verbs

Hello and welcome into this fine show!

Do you think I can welcome you in to something? I don”t know… Anyway…

Today we have a lot to cover. So this time we’re gonna move really, really fast, however it’s really important for you to know that you already understood the things what I’m about to tell you.

So today there will be no new things, however, you’re going to need all of your knowledge in order to understand what is going to happen. So let’s start!

So I really hope you see this things very clearly, otherwise you can’t read them, but I won’t know this, until I will have recorded this footage to my computer. So there can be surprises.

First of all, let me tell you, if you want to learn words in hungarian then you should learn the words in hungarian. Isn’t that obvious?

The word for plural – “words” is – SZAVAK.

Do you remember these letters? Especially this one, the first one, because this is one letter. And I know that this is quite hard to understand but we have letters that consist of two letters.

If you remember our first lesson than maybe you’re familiar with these, like:
and the last one is:

It’s not easy to remember them,I know, but you have to deal with it in order to learn this fine language, so, moving on.

For practice let’s learn some words, actually nouns.

I read them out to you and then I tell you the meanings.

KÉRT,  és

I just added ÉS, because it means “AND“.


That’s about it. I presume that you already learned pronouncing the letters, so it doesn’t give you a hard time reading them.

Our next ones are also nouns, just for fun:

ESŐ, és

And I added ÉS, because it means – “AND”. Do you remember? It was two minutes ago!

Well we have only one word for planet earth and the dirt and for the ground, so actually we have one word for three.  What do you know… So fold means- Earth or the ground or dirt.


We have these nouns and we are happy about them and that’s all. We can’t really use them yet, but it doesn’t hurt you if you learn them, does it?

Our final column consists of verbs, which are very useful, admit it. I took the liberty to write some  attachments just for you to remember we have learned about them. I will read only the blue stuff.


Do you remember ÉS? Good work!

Now, maybe it’s not a new thing if I tell you, these forms are kind of familiar, aren’t they? If I use for example – ÍR in this for , it means: he/ she or it writes.
But I didn’t write the green stuff just for fun there. So let’s read them:  LJJJJJJJJJJJJJJLČJKČKLJČ
Should I remind you that, when I read you this words, I ment “I” do these stuff. Because of the -EK or -OK attachments.

So we gain some knowledge today, and only one thing left.
And this is to be able to say YES or NO in hungarian. Now, I wrote this one in green and this one in red and so you probably can guess what I wanted to say: It means “YES” and “NO”
But, I’ll read them out to you: IGEN , NEM. And that’s it!

I know that we still have not produce any real and complex sentences, but, need I remind you that hungarian language is complex so it isn’t that easy just to say a sentence. Because if you remember when I say – megyek it is a sentence. Clearly a short one but it is. And if I want to name things, well That’s just not that easy.
But next time, because we have learned these nouns, we’ll be able to name things. And probably we’ll be able to use these verbs as well.

So thank you for watching “learning hungarian”. I hope I can really help.
And perhaps I have mentioned before, if you have any questions then please, feel free to message me, about anything. About Hungary and about the language.

Thank you! Bye!

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