End of the Affair by Ben Howard

I realized over the years that I like songs that can be categorized as “sad”. I know it’s not a proper genre and some people would even go so far that I should be hanged just for blurting out such heresy. As I always say: “Come and get me”. Gosh, I really hope they are too lazy to do that, otherwise I’m in big trouble.

But I digress… It’s not like this is a review of Ben Howard or his music anyways. This is a personal blog of me so I wouldn’t have to bore my friends with these utterly useless thoughts that are neither designed to solve world-hunger, nor to accomplish anything but to let this steam out that builds up over time… I believe I have just stated that my mind consists of steam or worse: water.

It’s probably salt water – in all honesty.

I do have thoughts. We have established that long ago. The quality of them however is not something that attracts everyone. Luckily there are some like-minded people out there – of those 7+ billion.

For them I’d like to present Ben Howard and his song: End of the Affair. I am very far from a music critique or someone who could reliably perform a review of a song but I do love listening to the ones I fall in love with on repeat. Right now, while I’m writing this, I’m at the 36th. Knowing myself, I’ll probably end up around 100, which is not bad for a song that is almost 8 minutes long.

Luckily I have Google Music to count it for me. I felt I needed to mention it in case I am perceived as a crazy person, having 20+ notebooks collected over the years full of play-counts. I do not. I have Google Music.

As you can see it’s a fully automated process. I’m not crazy at all … not one bit. As a proof, here I present to you my top 3 list of my scientific music counting adventure:

There. Now we can all move on, there is nothing to see here.

Let me talk about why I love this song; but first, please allow me to show you an excerpt from the lyrics:

The end of the after
The weight of a war
The kindness gone to bed
The weight of your laughter
Alive in the hall
Did he hear, did he hear the
fumbled words you said

Living without her
Living at all
Seems to slow me down
Living forever
Hell I don’t know
Do I care do I care the
thunders rumbled sound

I’m sure you’d conclude the lyrics is very specific. Either it resonates with you, or not. I don’t think I’ll have to tell you what it is about or who could relate to it. This is not Yates or Poe. It’s not that lyrics need to be deep and full of metaphors anyway.

For those of us having some similar experience, it talks about familiar feelings. Of course, who am I to speak for others when I’m barely capable of speaking on my behalf. It’s better if I let poems and songs do it. I’m pretty sure you all do not wish to hear me sing or desire to read my poems.

Art is something you have to be able to relate to. In my view it’s only good if it can revoke old memories or feelings. I might very well be wrong about the whole thing, yet to me, this perspective feels nice and comforting. Science is about reasoning and art is about feelings. I am a simple boy, living a simple life. Haha.

This has been enough rumbling so let’s get straight to the point: gentle repetition is my weakness I assume. Simply because when I started listening to this song for the first time, I was quite unimpressed up until the point in the lyrics where it repeats “Did he hear, did he hear the fumbled words you said” and that is the precise point I fell for this song.

That’s it. That is the point everything has been leading up to and there is no more story to go on. We, my friend, have arrived to the end. I have no more thoughts to share about this matter. Now you have heard everything. It is time for judgement. You know more about me than before. Is it enough? It is. There is no doubt about it. If there was, I would keep writing…

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