The Perfect Sequence of Songs

The Beginning

I wonder, dear reader, if you ever do the following.

You lie in the dark with headphones on, looking through music you know but nothing is satisfying enough. You start thinking: there must be one song; one song, and if you find it it would start a sequence.

And you’ve gotta find that song. An hour passes. And suddenly out of nowhere, it’s there. You start listening and you know you’ve taken your first step on an amazing journey. You know what song comes next. You look for it and play without thinking. And then the next song.

Everything is building up. You clearly see the story unfolding: the story of these random songs. There is an underlying theme to it and it’s getting better and better. Until then, you type the name of the last song, hit play, listen to it and when it ends, you switch on the light, take the headphones off and you know that you’ve just experienced a perfect sequence of songs.

And you feel you’ve never been happier and more relaxed in your life.

Fly on You Fools

That is what I sometimes experience. I don’t have to particularly sad or happy. Sometimes it just happens. One thing leads to another – as they say.

It curious how easy it is to get lost in music. I think it’s mainly because of the genre itself: it features short pieces that are loosely connected creating an album. However you don’t necessarily have to listen the whole album.

Imagine if you tried this film films though. Watch 10 minutes of Matrix, following 5 minutes of The Godfather then go on to watching 10 minutes of The 40 Year Old Virgin. …And yes, I have tried this. It does not work the way music does.

Also you can’t really watch films recreationally after a long day of staring at computer monitors (10+ hours). At times I usually can’t wait to close my eyes and just figure out what songs would enhance my current mood.

Don’t Get Too Sad

Is it possible to get more sad, if one is already depressed? – you might ask, dear reader. My answer would be a long sigh, followed by a little staring in the distance, then I’d say, no. Everyone is different and I know myself enough to know whether sad music helps my getting over my gloominess or not.

Sometimes I just need to dive into my good old fashioned epic music collection, imagine single-handedly saving the world a couple of times (or destroy it…) and I’m good as new. We all need illusions of grandeur which we can admit it or try to suppress. You can guess which one does not cause bottled up emotions resulting in a sudden, unexpected outbreak at the wrong moment in life.

You, You and You

I guess I’ve run out of interesting things to say about this matter. Therefore I will resort to the cheapest option any author can use: I’ll ask you.

What is your specific way of listening to music?

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