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The other day I was thinking of the age-old argument: should we explore space or figure stuff out on our planet first?

I think it’s human nature to go towards the least resistance. In this case I guess it is easier for smart people to solve sciency problems and design space crafts than try to solve social problems. Let’s face the facts: most of the world’s problems are caused by factions of humans not being able to live next to one an other.

We obviously have enough food and water to make everyone comfortable, however humanity’s latest idea (communism) failed to achieve that. Humans are inherently corrupt and selfish. By selfish I don’t necessarily mean self-centered but group or country centered.

I’m happy for countries such as the United States or China or whichever to be “rich” and “successful” but they often forget about they are not alone. I know, I know… if they opened up to their “enemies” they might be taken advantage of. I don’t doubt that. However this problem cannot by solved by science that is all about mathematical formulas helping to create machines.

It’s not that a machine could not help though. However some humans might be a bit opposed to a super-computer making decisions about their food, water and other needs. Science could build such a computer but cannot come up with ideas to solve social problems.

In Hungarian (my language) we have two words for science:

  • természettudomány = science of nature
  • bölcsésztudomány = science of wisdom (aka. “social science”)

I keep hearing two distinct words in English: science and social science. Often scientists refer to social science as not “real science” – despite it using the scientific method to solve problems and think about art, psychology, social stuff and whatnot.

Being Hungarian, I always regarded these two kinds of sciences as complementary to each other. One for machines (nature), one for humans (wisdom) – or rather: human minds. I can’t help but to think that we do not put emphasis on ourselves (while enjoying TV shows such as Honey Boo-Boo – that is not science). The science of learning how to live next to one another is not something that should be neglected.

Well, these are my Tuesday thoughts on things and stuff but mainly stuff.

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