Road Trip to the Sea-Side

Driving in the UK

Whenever I tell people I like driving in the UK more than I do in Hungary they always present the same arguments: surely there is stuff to see in Hungary too. It’s not that. Sure there are beautiful villages that look distinctly Hungarian and people put flowers outside their houses and in the center of roundabouts but the roads are less exciting.

Driving is all about steering and accelerating, there is a lot to do in the UK. There are cars on the side of roads, speed bumps, sharp turns and narrow one-laners with hedges on the sides. In Hungary you just drive and occasionally you encounter a mellow turn or some idiot overtaking you and speeding away. It’s much less exciting to me.

Boats Have Legs

I assume that because of the tide and the not to steal shore that slowly walks into the sea, boats developed legs so that don’t tip over when water goes always – probably for shopping or to sleep.

This was the first time I’ve seen such creatures.


I have no clue about whether one could rent or buy one of those cabins on the seaside. They look handy when it comes to storing your favorite sunbathing chair and towels. However I don’t think they are particularly safe from thieves.

I don’t mean they’d take the whole cabin but the contents, of course. 🙂


My favorite part of a road trip is that I basically never leave civilization. Of course this makes it less of an adventure but if I want adventure I go to the Sahara. 🙂

On a more serious note, every time I get Hungary, I don’t even have to find a restaurant if I don’t feel like having some cooked food. I can simply pop into a Tesco or Sainsbury’s or whatnot and get all sorts of cheap food and drink items.

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