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I decided as a celebration of getting my salary onto my very own bank-account and finally settling in London, I’d gift myself with a quick 10-day journey home. The plan was simple. I booked my flight which proved to quite affordable (given that Wizz Air is a discount airline, it’s not a surprise) and I also treated myself with a door-to-door shuttlebus.

Now the shuttle provided me with a bit of an adventurous exchange of e-mails since the airline failed to put a note next to the shuttle booking form, saying ‘they only transport people in certain districts of Budapest’. At this point you might just be interested to know that I do not live in Budapest but in a small town 2 kilometres from its border. I could even argue that 2km is not such an ungodly distance that the company shuttle is unable to get there. There are no obvious obstacles such as a great river or a deadly marsh full of zombies.

Rules, Rules, Rules

However, rules are rules, they can’t deliver me to my doorstep.

Given my thinking is swift and Google maps is at my service 24/7, I quickly came up with an address that is just within the city’s border. Furthermore, after complaining about the lack of information regarding the above-mentioned door-to-door transportation limits, they graciously turned a blind eye of the fact that my ad-hoc address (of a petrol station, actually) is not in their ‘favourite’ districts.

All seemed well. My expectations were that the shuttle would drop me off at my chosen address and I’d just walk the remaining 2 kilometres.

In the end, mostly because my plane was delayed, I decided that the best course of action was to abandon my planned adventure and just get a taxi. Sadly, sometimes one must choose reason over fun. Having an important meeting in the morning the next day also influence me a bit.

On an Other Note

Luton airport is undergoing 10 million years of refurbishing and as a treat to the passengers in the name of health, they removed most of the chairs.

While I enjoy all sorts of exercises and I do love hiking, one simply must agree that waiting for one’s flight can hardly be enjoyed while standing around. I guess I could stay at one of the pubs longer and don’t just purchase one drink along with some sushi but in a crowded airport I’d like to be polite enough to let others enjoy food and drinks as well.

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