The Era of Social Sites

I don’t really write here anymore, which is not true because I’m doing it now, but you know what I mean.

When I started out with this online teaching and film gig, it was all about having a personal website that you fill with data. It served as proof that you were ‘cool’ and ‘knowledgeable’. Nowadays, everything is on youtube or facebook. It’s easy to have people vouch for you in a facebook comment or give you hell on your video.

Of course a personal website can still be useful but it serves a different purpose now, in this day and age.

What purpose is that? I have no clue yet but you’ll be the first to find out once I have the solution.

Well, that was anti-climactic… Life, eh? So now that I’ve proven I’m alive and well, let’s go back to facebook. 🙂

Here you can find the SENTENCE OF THE DAY and all sorts of other fun.

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Much like most people, I like to be all sorts of things.

P.S.: some of articles are edited and co-written by a mysterious person called Tatjana. But I take all the credit.

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