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Shops Open on Sundays Again

Well, shops are open today. I am writing this article on Sunday. I made myself time to write, but my heart wants to go to the supermarket which is open now, apparently. Let’s rewind the clock a couple of months back. In 2015, Hungarian government decided that it would be a great idea to force […]

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Hungarian Clothes Today

When you go to India, you can see people running around in all sorts of fancy looking colorful clothes that are vastly different from American or European style. When you come to Hungary, because it is European country, you will find that people don’t run around in traditional clothing, not even at parties much like […]

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Traitors of Hungary

I have a question. Actually, it is not really my question. I have just been asked this before a few times. And I think it is a valid question but I myself would never ask it simply because I have lived most my life in Hungary. Only a couple of months I spent in the […]

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Budapest: the City of Inspiration

written by Natalia Krrupeninna ( I know there are many articles and other stuff about travelling in different countries and Hungary too on the Internet and in books. People describe touristic places, history, shopping, sometimes characters of nation… It is difficult to write something else… but I still see Budapest when I close my eyes. I see […]

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Hungarian Dance

Not This Dance Not This Dance Well… no, it’s not the famous Brahms piece that we are going to talk about. Rather, I’d like to introduce you to some lovely traditional Hungarian clothing and forms of dance that were popular among the farmers a couple of hundred years ago. Still to this day a number […]

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5 Reasons to Lose your Heart in Hungary

written by Natalia Krrupeninna ( It’s very rare that someone is kind enough to gift me with an article about their trip to Hungary but here we go, thank you Natalia! Friendly People Everywhere in Hungary When you come in any country, you should communicate with people because you need use transportation, buy food or […]

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