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The Perfect Sequence of Songs

The Beginning I wonder, dear reader, if you ever do the following. You lie in the dark with headphones on, looking through music you know but nothing is satisfying enough. You start thinking: there must be one song; one song, and if you find it it would start a sequence. And you’ve gotta find that song. […]

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Hungarian Dance

Not This Dance Not This Dance Well… no, it’s not the famous Brahms piece that we are going to talk about. Rather, I’d like to introduce you to some lovely traditional Hungarian clothing and forms of dance that were popular among the farmers a couple of hundred years ago. Still to this day a number […]

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Florence and the Machine

I don’t know how Florence found the machine and why they play together but I fear I will never find the time to figure it out or do any research in the subject. I’m afraid of what I might find. Nevertheless, I’ll attempt to describe her and it in this article. Florence and the Machine […]

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