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Hungarian Dance

Not This Dance Not This Dance Well… no, it’s not the famous Brahms piece that we are going to talk about. Rather, I’d like to introduce you to some lovely traditional Hungarian clothing and forms of dance that were popular among the farmers a couple of hundred years ago. Still to this day a number […]

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5 Reasons to Lose your Heart in Hungary

written by Natalia Krrupeninna ( It’s very rare that someone is kind enough to gift me with an article about their trip to Hungary but here we go, thank you Natalia! Friendly People Everywhere in Hungary When you come in any country, you should communicate with people because you need use transportation, buy food or […]

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Cows in Spaces – Lisbon

I went to Lisbon in 2015 and got inspired by the buildings. It is important to look through stuff, to see the other side and experience whatever is in there. Just like cows, humans are often curious creatures and this has lead to many discovery throughout the ages. Let this badly photoshopped cow stand as […]

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