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The Art of Education

Teaching is more than just saying the words that make you understand the subject. It is to make you understand how things work and why. Only with that knowledge and understanding you will be able to be as good as your teacher. Of course the idea is that you surpass them. Your aim is not […]

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Memorising Words

You and I both know that stupidity is the answer, just like for anything else. If clever and complicated things were interesting to us, humans, we would be an all knowing, academic society. However, we aren’t. Our brains like stupid things and notions because they are abstract. The more abstract and crazy it is, the […]

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How to learn vocabulary?

Most people worry about vocabulary rather than grammar, which could be a mistake when learning a language. It doesn’t matter if you know all the words when you can’t make a sentence that makes sense. Vocabulary is a big part of learning a language, but it has its place and it is not the beginning […]

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How to pronounce Hungarian?

First, let me say something very important: my Hungarian pronunciation is excellent. It would be easy to disregard this solely because of the fact that I am Hungarian. But not every Hungarian has an excellent pronunciation. Just like in English, we have slang, lack of education or discipline, and many other factors – including shyness […]

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