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Water Water

It seems a bit strange that while people associate the United Kingdom and within that London with rain, it surprisingly rains fewer times than what people would expect. Even when it rains it’s usually not more than for a couple of minutes or hours. The office I work in (when I don’t do remote work […]

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To Whom It May Concern

First Thoughts I decided that I would write regularly about stuff that happens regularly. I do not expect it to be popular or good for SEO (when Google thinks you are important to it puts you on the first page in topics you write about, good for marketing) but just to organize my thoughts on […]

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The Perfect Sequence of Songs

The Beginning I wonder, dear reader, if you ever do the following. You lie in the dark with headphones on, looking through music you know but nothing is satisfying enough. You start thinking: there must be one song; one song, and if you find it it would start a sequence. And you’ve gotta find that song. […]

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The Wonders of a Simple Life

I am a simple person living a simple life. I do a couple of things. I’m definitely not a secret agent so here they are: Working with computers Teaching English and Hungarian Making YouTube videos Teaching videos Travel videos Philosophical videos about politics and society and whatnot… I also like games and watching movies and […]

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