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Although we didn’t have to, it is time to announce our new (not military) operation which has the name: Desert Cow. During this campaign we are going to complete the following list: Produce the web series: Travel to Hungary – Season 1 Produce the web series: Unknown Countries – Season 1 Produce the web series: Angoltanár Angliából […]

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A Final Frontier

Aggtelek in the far north of Hungary is more than just a quaint village surrounded by stunning natural beauty, it is also a cave system that transcends borders. It is a final frontier awaiting discovery and exploration by the intrepid traveler. Aggtelek takes visitors on a journey of discovery. And when basic embarking on any journey of discovery there are three questions looking to be answered. These are Where, Why and What. (more…)

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Economy: Increased

Matolcsy György issued a small business aid program offering 0% base-interest. After this runs through the banks the interest rate will probably go up as far as 2% which is the bargain of the century. I mean I don’t need a loan but if I ever did now would be the time! 🙂 One question […]

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No New Computers for Schools

Because Hungary is doing better than ever, the government decided to put a stop to IT purchases in schools. It means that if a computer dies (which happens all the time if we talk about 100-500 computers in an average school) then the school cannot buy spare parts, let alone new computers to replace the […]

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