Free Hungarian Course

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Learning Hungarian is quite difficult. The whole language is based on attachments rather than putting words in certain order where the place of the word in the sentence tells us what role it plays.The learning curve is quite steep: the more knowledge you gain the more complicated it gets to obey all the different rules. Therefore I advise you that, after you completed this free course and still want to learn more, you should buy some premium service (click here to do that). Having taught this nice language for a couple of years, I have become quite efficient in educated guesses such as:It takes 5 years to learn the language completely (an additional 20 something to lose the accent).
You should have at least 1 or 2 lessons a week.
Your preparation for a lesson takes about 3-5 hours (homework, vocabulary study, practice).
This list applies to both the free and premium courses.

Here is a nice test you can try to solve for fun:

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