Helyi TV

Helyi TV | Hungarian Youtube Show

To view the channel of this Hungarian Youtube Show, click here: Helyi TV

This was a Hungarian Online TV about recent politics/scandals and stuff about stuff. There you go, I explained it perfectly. Above you can see some interesting episodes however they are in Hungarian so you might have trouble with it.

This started out as a daily show but later became a bit irregular. It didn’t have much success (94,568 for the whole channel) but received a lot of comments, mostly hostile because that’s what Hungarians do.

It was fun doing it, huge huge fun. Also it gave me a great deal of experience in fast production methods (that is not fast food but production).

I believe that while the production value was somewhat similar to my ‘Learn Hungarian’ videos it was way ahead of its time for later I started to see upcoming shows in Hungarian. I think we (as a country/culture) are a little bit behind with both technology and cultural development (or change for it might be able to be called development).

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