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10+ years experience in teaching*

*: Yep, the asterix is just for fun, it’s been 10+ long years since Chris Kovacs started this company with teaching English as a second language.

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1. Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the teacher?

We have one teacher at the moment, his name is Chris Kovacs. You might know him from youtube, check it out: Click here!

How can I learn?
You make contact, we talk about your needs, your goals. Then you top up your balance and learn. It’s that easy.

The book we use can also be bought.

The book we use can also be bought.

What skills can I learn?
Obviously I teach you the language but there are certainly more things such as getting to know the Hungarian culture, history and general attitude. Also I will definitely talk about locations and official processes (like getting citizenship or how to rent a house if you need one).

Would you teach me if I only learn Hungarian as a hobby?
Yes. It is a good goal because Hungarian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It is also very complicated but fun to learn.

What do I need to start learning?
You should have a skype account (it’s free) and a microphone (preferably a headset – that gives you the best sound). It doesn’t matter what computer you have. There are no complicated pieces of software.

Do we use web-camera video-feed?
We can. However usually it takes up all the bandwidth so during most lessons you will see a sort of virtual white-board.

2. Apply with this form:

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3. Prices, Payments and Other

Dear reader, please find all the info by clicking on this link: www.ckg.hu/lessons. On the page you will find all the information you need to start having lessons.

Just don’t forget to fill out the application form above.

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    Hi I would like to have Hungarian classes via skype. I am a complete beginner.

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