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Learn Hungarian

Hungarian country-side: the place you rarely get to see without knowing some Hungarian

Did you know that learning Hungarian is one of the most challenging adventures you can embark on? You probably did… Everyone seems to agree that Hungarian is insanely complicated. Are there no rules? Is it complete chaos?

Not really, no. Though it does take 3-5 years to master conversation level Hungarian – of course, it all depends on the time you can invest. 10,000 hours of practice is always a good aim.

What You Can Learn

These are the topics or to be more precise: the different types of exercises you’ll have to get through:

At the beginning of every lesson we can discuss all the things you encountered while not having a lesson. This can be any sort of question about an exercise you did or something you saw or heard about Hungary or the language.

There are plenty of pictures, texts and videos to discuss and improve your vocabulary.

Grammar Test
This simple-looking “Why Wants to Be a Millionaire” style exercise will find gaps in your knowledge.

Essay about a Picture
It’s not the most popular exercise but it’s definitely useful to force you to try coming up with some sentences about a topic.

Translating to English
Garfield is the best and most fun material to indulge ourselves in our quest to learn more about how real Hungarians talk.

Transcribing Video
This challenging but fun exercise aims to help you improve your “Hungarian hearing” by asking you to write down everything you hear in a video.

Reading a piece of text out loud should improve your pronunciation.

Writing Conversation
Before causing a heart attack by forcing you to speak, it’s a lot easier to write down the conversion we would be having. It also allows us to discuss what went wrong with a particular sentence.

This speaks for itself. Well, actually you’ll have to speak.

Discussion / Debating
A slightly elevated way of conversing is having a set goal you need to accomplish, e.g.: convincing the other party to agree to a deadline.

Hungarian Culture & History
Learning about the culture and history of the nation speaking the language you’re trying to learn will give you great insight into what you can expect from a real life speaker.

Chris Kovacs

Here are some words from Chris himself about what sort of experience he has:

I started teaching while I was at University, trying to do an IT/Physics double major which I ended up abandoning as I discovered working in IT and teaching is a lot more fun than physics.
I ended up teaching English and Hungarian, first in language schools then online.
I believe it’s important to discuss all the aspects of a language including but not limited to: grammar, history, geography and culture. No question should be taboo.


Having multiple lessons per week provides discounts. Here are some pre-made calculations to aid you when choosing the appropriate amount of lessons. Please be aware that it might not be possible to schedule you lessons if there are not enough available slots.

Lessons per weekPriceCost / WeekCost / Month
1 x 45 min€25€25€100
2 x 45 min€21€42€168
3 x 45 min€17€51€204
4 x 45 min€13€52€208
All prices include sales tax and are in euro. You can request to pay in a different currency.


These are all the lesson slots. This image does not show you which of them are still available. Please reach out for specifics.

Paying for Lessons

Please note that there are no subscription options, you top-up your balance and each lesson you show up will remove funds from it until you run out. Then just top-up again and you’re all set. We’ll talk about payment option during the pre-session chat.

Apply for Lessons

We’ve disabled the application form due to intense spamming. We’re working on resolving the issue. In the meantime please reach out to Chris using facebook (he can be found as chrisfromhungary).
Sorry for the inconvenience.