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Question / Answer | Short Film | Original title: Kérdés / Válasz

To view both parts of the film on youtube, click here: Kérdés / Válasz

In 2009 there was an RPG camp where I directed a rather fun movie about some young adults getting lost in the forest while trying to find some metaphorical treasure.

Since this film is in Hungarian and there are no subtitles provided you might have some trouble watching it.

The film’s script was written in about a couple of ours and featured strange and highly metaphorical elements. I believe it is a very interesting film – probably less funny than interesting.

People liked it in general but ultimately received very few views (1377) due to it’s genre: art film.

To me it’s interesting that altough it was cut into two parts people still watched the second part. I guess they were curious about the end. 🙂

I try to restrain myself when it comes to directing art for it is easy to be self-centered about it. The signes, metaphores and other elements might overcome the whole film and create no more than just a bunch of indecipherable clues that never ever will make sense to anybody except the writer and director of the film.

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