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To view the full playlist of my short films I made in 2009, click here: Short Films in 2009

As I finished my director course at MIA and went to the UK to work I had very little time to make something big. But whatever I did, here they are.

Perhaps you would think that making a short film is easy but it is not. Just calm down, you don’t need to be this upset. I know that truth hurts.

But jokes aside, filmig is a teamwork and the majority of your time goes to the finding of your team-members which, to much of your surprise, is not filming at all. I consider myself lucky because in Hungary it seems that it is quite hard to find people who might be interested in making films because we are not a nation of film-lovers.

Since most of modern Hungarian film-making history is about the government trying to control film-makers, it’s not hard to imagine that it is not really about film-making but rather about being able to make one.

Still, I don not wish you to judge my films by this standard.
Let’s just enjoy them as if they were high-budget, famous films. 🙂

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