Short Films

STAR WARS – The New Apprentice (fanfilm)

This is a fanfilm. Also, probably the first film I made which included more than just a young me running around in front of the camera or some legos moving on the carpet. I like legos by the way. I feel like I should use them in more films. 🙂 IMPORTANT: I don’t own the rights for making a STAR WARS film but let’s face it: I haven’t made any money with this one so I hope it doesn’t count as violation of Mr. Lucas’s movie rights.
It’s got a few but proud 2,377 views (the Hungarian version). There is another version availabe with English subtitles having 1,005 views itself.

Prison Break Parody

Having a script before making a film is very important. Since most of my short films were made in order to test something, sometimes I didn’t have a script. I wrote it during the shooting. For instance, in this particular piece of art I wanted to test the “blue screen” but it turned out to be a funny story about 2 brothers finding their way out of prison.
A little more people were interested in this (most because it’s in English) and has received a nice 16,606 views.

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