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In the Smog We All Perish

The Introduction Dear Reader, I wrote this blog post for a about a week. I’d imagine it would take about a week for you to read it. So don’t get discouraged by the length of it. Hidden somewhere there is a point to this; a point that could be about life and the universe – […]

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The Millinneum Underground Railway

In 1873 the cities of Buda, Obuda and Pest were united to give us for the first time Budapest. At the time of unification the population was 296,000, by 1900 it had exploded two and a half fold to 733,000. (more…)

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Budapest: most affordable in EU

The British Post Office Travel Money has just released their 2013 City Costs Barometer comparing the costs of 25 European Capitals for tourists. And this year’s winner is Budapest! We knew Budapest was affordable, but this cost comparison really crystallizes the affordability of the Hungarian capital. The barometer takes into consideration such costs as for […]

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Street View cars mapping Budapest

The Budapest City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to allow the Google service to support the introduction of Budapest. The launch of Street View terms is still being examined, it is not decided if the search engine company could be given more favorable conditions. National Privacy and Information Protection Authority has requested the Municipal Assembly’s […]

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