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The Wonders of a Simple Life

I am a simple person living a simple life. I do a couple of things. I’m definitely not a secret agent so here they are: Working with computers Teaching English and Hungarian Making YouTube videos Teaching videos Travel videos Philosophical videos about politics and society and whatnot… I also like games and watching movies and […]

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In the Smog We All Perish

The Introduction Dear Reader, I wrote this blog post for a about a week. I’d imagine it would take about a week for you to read it. So don’t get discouraged by the length of it. Hidden somewhere there is a point to this; a point that could be about life and the universe – […]

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National Tobacco Shops from Sex Industry

A couple of months ago our all-knowing government decided that smoking must be regulated in Hungary, therefore, they set a plan into motion to reorganize the tobacco industry. In the process they allowed people to compete for existing stores, which were already in possession of family businesses. When the competition ended, families found themselves on […]

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