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The Series

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The Story

Unknown countries aims to talk about places that are not very well known, at least not in general. Although there are many documentaries on television channels, they lack a certain interest in the “boring” topics.

After that this silly idea was born, we began researching by looking at Google maps, trying to find places with unfamiliar names. The first surprise was Greenland, which I, personally, thought was completely uninhabited. Much to my surprise it doesn’t only have a working economy, but it’s thriving due to recently discovered natural resources.

Another surprise was the Middle East where I thought I knew every country, but I couldn’t be more wrong.
Naturally, after a shock like this, a true scientist is definitely encouraged to go on with the research. So you can imagine that as a leman, I felt absolutely amazed. As we went deeper and deeper into the unknown, we couldn’t stop. Of course, as a filmmaker, I simply cannot present you with everything we’ve got, which is very disappointing.

This is true for any film: we wish we could show you all the wonders which we encounter, all of the brilliant facts, we found along the way, but we can’t.

So here are 11 countries that seemed to be the most interesting ones of the group. Please note, that this is not a top list. We love these countries equally and although many of them are not in the top richest countries list, we hope that if anyone from those countries see what we did they can think of it as a nice tribute.

What is the goal of this series?

The goal of this series is to raise awareness that the world does not consist solely of the USA, the European Union, China, Russia, etc…

We think that each and every country deserves to be on the map, and in the minds of people. Ever so often we focus on our problems and our country and we forget to look around.

The world is bigger than we think, yet we choose to believe that it is small. Imagine if you had to walk across the Earth through every country that exists: for how long do you think would you have to travel?

I bet that that it is a long time.

Even with the help of the Internet, it takes a long time just to do the research. We are not even talking about deep analyses of history, economics and international relationships. We can only scratch the surface, but even that takes longer than expected.

Are you a citizen of an unknown country?

We’d like to invoke conversations regarding these countries. But we’re not political activists, we don’t have an agenda other than talking about these countries. We believe that we can do what television stations cannot, that is to talk about seemingly boring things.

If you are a citizen of a country, we cover with these videos, we would very much like to encourage you to contact us – not only in the case of a mistake, but mostly because we have so many questions you might have the answer for.

We do not wish to indulge in aggressive marketing.

We do not want to force our “thing” onto anybody. We are looking for pure interest. You can watch the videos, we have made so far, in the “television” below. Also, on this page you can find links to all episodes on YouTube. If you’d like to contact us, please write to chris@kovacsfilm.hu

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